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Here at Parkwood, Foundation Stage to Year 6 use and supplement the White Rose's approach to teaching Maths.
As a school, we take children on a journey through three stages for each area of Maths. First, the children explore new learning using concrete learning experiences through the use of manipulatives. This is followed by the same concept being tackled using pictorial representations. Once the children are secure in the fundamentals of each concept, they are then expected use a more abstract approach to their learning. 
Below you will find an overview of the curriculum for each year group.
Year 1: 
Year 2:
Year 3: 
Year 4: 
Year 5: 
Year 6:

 *Please note that teachers will reorder and prioritise based on the information gained from assessments points throughout the year so that the curriculum is tailored more specifically to the needs of the children.