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When your child first joins Parkwood Primary, their writing journey begins with a focus on making marks and patterns in a variety of ways. They are taught the importance of pencil grip and pencil control before moving on, later in the year, to writing CVC words and basic sentences using phonetically spelt words. As your child moves in to Year 1, they will be taught writing skills through the Read Write Inc. programme. Once your child has completed this programme, their writing journey continues through the use of ‘Power of Reading’.
‘Power of Reading’ is an approach to the teaching of writing that focuses on using high-quality texts as a stimulus. Children enjoy exploring age appropriate, recommended texts through a range of activities such as drama, book talk, class discussions and more to inspire their own pieces of writing. As your child moves through their writing journey at Parkwood, they will develop their understanding of and confidence with the different stages of the writing process, including the importance of generating ideas, planning, drafting, editing and publishing their written work. As part of the writing process, children are taught grammar and punctuation rules that are then applied to the text type they are writing. This helps them to understand the relevance and purpose of developing a good understanding of grammar and punctuation rules.
Writing Skills Progression documents can be found by clicking on the links below: