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It is the school's firm belief that we want to support our families to keep their children in school. If you are experiencing difficulties getting your child into school, for any reason, please contact our Attendance and Welfare Office, Sharon Watosn or our SENCO, Mrs Collins, via the school.  
2020 and 2021 have brought new challenges for our families and our pupils. Children have missed a significant amount of learning and contact with other children and the impact of this has been clear for many. The school is doing all we can to bridge the gaps in learning. Remote Learning is now a recognised strength of the school and in cases where Children need to be sent home, at this current time. This will always be provided in the future, should it be required. 
The school cannot give permission for absence for any reason which is not an exceptional circumstance. Exceptional circumstances generally mean significant life events, such as weddings of very close relatives, and in certain circumstances, the reasonable travel time to get there. There will be a small number of occasions in the lives of everybody when these events happen, but they are the exception rather than the rule and each case will be looked at individually. Where appropriate, they will be authorised. 
Absence cannot be authorised for holidays. This includes holidays wrapped around significant events. For instance, the school cannot authorise a two week holiday around a wedding abroad, only the day of the wedding and the travel time to reach it. Other events such as Birthdays, Family Visits and celebrations, also cannot be authorised. This does not mean that Parents cannot choose to attend with their children, only that the school will not authorise these choices and the result may be a fine. The school does not control the fining of a parent, only the decision to authorise or not and the school does not benefit in any way from the fines. 

Something to think about....

Is 90% attendance good enough?

The school year is made up of 190 days of learning....
Take the example of Jane Brown. Her attendance is always around 90% and her Mum thinks this is excellent. 

In fact, Jane has missed the equivalent of 4 whole weeks of lessons in the school year. If Jane continues to attend for only 90% of her primary school education, she will have missed a total of 23 weeks or 6 months which is over half a school year.

Here are some more facts for you.....
95% attendance means 10 days of learning have been missed.

90% = 20 days
85%= 30 days
80% = 40 days
75% - 50 days
70% = 60 days

How much learning has your child missed?

The Head Teacher and the Attendance Advisory Practitioner have the responsibility to monitor the attendance of pupils at this school 

The target attendance figure for all pupils is a minimum of 96% attendance.

The more your child is at school, the more likely they are to achieve at school and in later life.

Attendance 97% - 100%
This is to be congratulated. A child absent for one week in the year would equal an attendance statistic of 97%

Attendance 96%
Research has shown that for children to reach their full potential attendance of 96% is vital.

Attendance 90% - 95%
Your child is at risk of under-achieving. This will be monitored closely by the Headteacher and Attendance officer. You may be requested to attend a meeting within the school and to provide medical evidence on all future absences. 

Attendance 90% or below
Your child is at severe risk of under-achieving. Your child will be referred to the Attendance Advisory Service which may result in court proceedings if attendance doesn't improve. 

Parents are legally responsible for their child's attendance at school. 

If you are having problems with getting your child into school, we are here to help. Good communication is vital.