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Welcome to Parkwood Primary's Pastoral Page

I'm Mrs Wintle and I am very passionate about supporting the pastoral needs of all of our pupils who attend Parkwood. I spend most of my time in the Hive where children are always welcome to come and find me if they like to talk to someone about how they are feeling.

My name is Jane Bolton and I am the counsellor at Parkwood. Counselling offers children who are experiencing emotional distress the opportunity to discover new ways to emotionally navigate their difficulties. Counselling sessions are 1:1 and confidential in a room full of creative media, toys and activities that help it to be an enjoyable experience.

I am Mrs Jeffery and I am the schools pastoral pathways practitioner. I love working creatively to help children find ways of expressing and understanding the challenges they are experiencing. I provide support for individual children for a variety of pastoral issues, for example anxieties, bereavement, self-esteem and managing feelings. The sessions focus primarily on facilitating play; arts and crafts; therapeutic or social stories and, of course, time to talk. 

How to contact the Pastoral Support Team


Any child in the school can ask to speak to our Pastoral Team if they have a problem or a worry at school or at home. They can do this by either: requesting a Time to Talk slot (Year 2-Year 6); approaching the team or by asking a member of staff. A suitable time will then be arranged to meet.


If you have a pastoral concern regarding your child then you can phone the school, speak to your child’s class teacher or make an appointment to see Mrs Wintle via the school office. Please call the School office on 01634 234699 or email: office@pwsf.org.uk

School staff

A Pastoral Referral form can be completed and then a meeting with the pupil will be arranged depending on particular needs.

What do we offer at Parkwood Primary?

At Parkwood Primary, we are able to offer a tiered approach to our pastoral support ensuring our pupils receive the appropriate level of support to match their needs.

Time to Talk. 

Our pupils in Year 2 - Year 6 are able to self-refer themselves for some pastoral support through our Time to Talk boxes. The children fill in a slip including their name and class and a short reason why they would like to speak to someone from the pastoral team. These children will then spend around 10 minutes with Mrs Jeffrey where they will talk about their concerns and look at strategies they can use to help them in the future.


Mid-level therapeutic interventions

For children who require a higher level of support to enable them to take a more in depth look at the issues that are concerning them; they will have regular mid-level therapeutic interventions. These sessions, run by Mrs Jeffery, are around 40minutes long and can be run in a variety of ways (play therapy/sand therapy/art therapy) tailored to the child’s interests.



Our counselling sessions are run by Jane Bolton and focuses on offering children who are experiencing emotional distress the opportunity to heal and grow by exploring their difficulties and discover a new way to emotionally navigate the present. Counselling is offered in a block of a minimum of 8 40minute sessions run weekly.