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If you missed our school tours, call the office to get one booked in with a senior leader.

01634 234699 

Thank you for considering Parkwood Primary School as a school for your child starting in September 2022. We feel this would be exciting choice and we are delighted to be able to share further information with you on this page.

Tours of the School

We welcome prospective parents to visit our school and immerse themselves in our environment ahead of applying for a place. We hope to give you a really helpful ‘snap shot’ of life in our school and to see how well our children learn together.

Tours will last around an hour and will include the following:

·    A ‘Welcome’ briefing by the Headteacher

·   A tour of foundation stage with the opportunity to speak to our foundation stage leader: Mrs Baker.

·   A tour of the remainder of the school to see the learning journey our children will be taken on throughout their time at Parkwood.

Children are welcome to attend the tours should their parents wish to bring them. Parents with younger children in push chairs may choose not to do the full tour but we will help you with any questions you may have.

To book onto one of the tours below, please call the school office on01634 234699or email us atoffice@parkwoodprimary.org.uk

·         Wednesday 10th November 2021 at 9.30am and 1.45pm

·         Wednesday 17th November 2021 at 9.30am and 1.45pm

·        Wednesday 24th November 2021 at 9.30am

Why Parkwood Primary School?

Parkwood Primary is a three-form entry, inclusive primary school located in the heart of Parkwood, with the space to welcome ninety children into our foundation stage setting each year. Parkwood is a locally maintained school and we are not part of a larger academy chain.

We ensure that, through our teaching, learning and provision, every child is given the best possible beginning to their education and continue to take great strides towards fulfilling their potential.

As a school, we a have a good reputation for working with outside agencies to meet the needs of our children. Inclusion at Parkwood is about every child getting the best opportunities and learning experiences.

We adopt a ‘This is how we do it here…’ approach to encourage positive behaviour in our children in order to prepare them to be respectful citizens, ready to contribute positively to their community. Our school rules are simple yet effective: safe, respectful and ready. We expect our children to demonstrate safe, respectful and ready behaviour in and around all parts or our school and through all they do, so that everyone can have fun in their learning and their play.

Foundation Stage:

Each term, foundation stage shapes their learning around a theme that allows us to offer children a range of immersive learning experiences.

Along with this, we use Development Matters to ensure that the children receive an age-appropriate curriculum based on the seven areas of learning in foundation stage.

·         Communication and language

·         Personal, social and emotional development

·         Physical development

·         Literacy

·         Mathematics

·         Understanding the world

·         Expressive arts and design


In Foundation Stage, each child takes part in daily phonics lessons to develop their letters and sound knowledge as well as to build on their early reading skills.

We encourage the children to use phonics across all areas of learning. We believe that the children developing into good, confident readers, as they get older, will help their learning across the curriculum and give them a love of books which will feed their imaginations.

Learning Environments:

The classrooms are carefully organised into areas which support the Foundation Stage curriculum and so that the children can organise their work and play. Materials and resources are arranged so that they are accessible to the children and encourage them to become independent in following everyday classroom routines. Teachers also plan learning around a theme and role-play areas are adapted to suit the theme. These help to encourage the children to consolidate their learning and explore their own ideas through play i.e. café, post office, doctors’ surgery, vets, a shop etc. We have designated ‘Early Years Areas’ outside the classroom so that there are opportunities for learning both inside and outside. These areas are used throughout the year, even if at times the mud kitchen is muddier than at others! We have lovely school grounds and throughout the children’s time at the school, we encourage outdoor learning in the fresh air.

Our School Day:

Our daily timetable encourages out children to learn and develop in a range of ways. Throughout the day, they will take part in whole class lessons, small group lessons and engage in independent activities the children choose from.


You can choose for your child to enjoy school dinners or they can bring a packed lunch to school. There are vegetarian options for every meal. We have fruit available each day for children to have as a snack as well as free school milk.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to free school meals. There is additional funding available to help some of our young learners. This is called pupil premium and information will be given to help you know if your child may be eligible for this.


-      A white blouse, shirt or polo shirt

-      Plain smart skirt or pinafore in grey or black

-      Trousers or tailored shorts in grey or black

-      In summer, girls may wear a red checked/striped dress

-      Socks should be white, grey or black in colour

PE Kit

-      Blue or black plain shorts

-      Plain, round-neck, white t-shirt (see note below)

-      Trainers for indoor/outdoor games if your child wears school shoes (see note below regarding footwear)       

-      Plain, black jogging bottoms and their school sweatshirt for winter games.

What is Parkwood’s curriculum like beyond Foundation Stage?

Our teaching approach in KS1 and KS2 uses philosophical concepts that we can explore through all subjects in the national curriculum. Examples of these important, thought provoking concepts are as follows: resilience, adversity and equality to name but a few. We then create an enquiry question that would frame the concepts and give the children a starting point for their learning e.g.

This approach to teaching avoids our children being passive recipients of our curriculum. They are actively involved from the outset. We want our pupils at the centre of their own learning. The enquiry question is specifically designed to encourage more questions and thoughts – something that continues throughout the learning process.

How do I complete a primary school application?

Like all schools in Medway, we have a single point of entry for reception and admit children in September. Visit the Medway Council website for further guidance and an online application form:


The deadline for the September 2022 intake is 5.00pm on Saturday 15th January 2022.

How do I appeal for a place in foundation stage?

Follow the link below to find out how to appeal for a place at a Medway school: