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At Parkwood Primary, the very start of your child's reading development starts with the teaching of phonics using a programme called Read Write Inc. This is a daily session that starts in Foundation Stage with the children learning their initial sounds and blending these sounds into words so that, early on, the children experience success. The children then move on to learning to read the same sounds with alternative graphemes. Phonic books are matched to the children's increasing knowledge of phonics and as children re-read these stories their fluency develops. Prompts for thinking out loud and discussion help the children understand what they are reading.

Once our children become readers, their reading journey continues with Destination Reader and they are taught how to understand what they are reading. These daily sessions incorporate whole class modelling prior to the children applying their skills through partner work and independent reading. Understanding is deepened by the use of a series of reading strategies and language stems. Our children read with greater understanding, independence and, above all, enjoy reading more. These structured reading sessions allow the children the opportunity to explore both reading for pleasure and purpose.