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Imagine, Believe, Persevere, Achieve

Parkwood is an inclusive and happy learning environment where pupils are encouraged at all times to be ready to learn, respectful in their behaviour and safe in all that they do. A community local authority primary school, at the heart of the Parkwood area. 

From Foundation Stage to Year 6 we want our children to feel inspired and at the centre of their own learning, being reflective about their progress and challenges and part of planning their next steps. Our curriculum statement recognises the expectations we set ourselves and the teaching and learning we believe in. 

As a school we want to recognise success and celebrate the use of initiative, encouraging children and staff to be life long learners. Embracing technology and looking to build life long skills for the future. 

By nurturing all individuals to achieve their potential and working as a team as we do, it is our intention that our young people go out into the world and the next steps of their education as responsible, self motivated and happy people and that they will look back on their primary school days with pride and affection. 

Mr A Moir
Sept 2021