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'Imagine, Believe, Persevere, Achieve'

The intent of the Parkwood Primary School Curriculum is to provide a broad and balanced set of learning opportunities to our fantastic pupils. We wish them to leave a lesson, a classroom, a year group, or the school, having built up skills, knowledge and experiences that give them greater understanding and confidence to contribute to the wider world. 

We implement this through the quality first teaching of a wide range of subjects, topics and opportunities. We want all our learners to be the key drivers of their own learning, building up resilience and independence. Our staff are also life long learners and partners on the children’s learning journey. 

At Parkwood we believe that an inspired child, who has been immersed in a subject is better able to learn and articulate their thoughts and feelings. We want our children to step into their learning and gain knowledge through the way they feel as well as developing their thoughts. 

Every child is an individual and our inclusion of all children in their learning means that lessons are personalised and built around the needs, talents and uniqueness of each pupil. This is so that all children achieve well, feel challenged to make the next steps and make good progress. 

The impact of the curriculum as well as extra curricular opportunities is that we will have young people who are always eager to learn, able to make the most of their potential and ready for exciting and successful futures. The future belongs to those who are inspired today. 

In 2021, more than ever, it is essential that here at Parkwood, we support our learners and their families in every way we can, so that children achieve in their learning. At school and online. Helping to recover any lost learning, by bridging gaps, identifying where we need to help and keeping children safe, inspired and happy. 

Mr A Moir
Sept 2021