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Virtual tours of Parkwood Primary School for new admissions in September 2021, will be arranged for the mornings of Tuesday November 10th and Tuesday November 17th. With any virtual information then left for parents to access at a time of their convenience                          

Eagle Class
Miss Edgley
(Assistant Headteacher) 
Falcon Class 
Miss Magner
Hawk Class
Miss Odedina
Osprey Class
Miss Blackwell
(Year Lead)
Mrs McCormack
(Assistant Headteacher)
Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Park
SENCO: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins
Office Manager: Mrs Russell

The Year 6 team would like to welcome you all to a very exciting time in your school lives as you join Year 6. As the children move into their final year of primary education, the expectations and responsibilities increase, with a greater emphasis on independent learning. Our aim is to inspire pupils to achieve their full potential and engage them with their learning.

 Reading is the key to unlock many doors and should be taken very seriously.  Year 6 expectations are as follows:

-       You should read at home five times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes

-       Ask an adult to sign your diary next to each reading.

-       Hand in your diary on a Monday morning to your teacher for signing off. Pupils who hand their diary in on time will be rewarded with credits for their home reading.


Pupils will be set homework every week. Homework will be set every Friday and due in the following Wednesday. The guidelines are as follows:

- One English/Topic piece of homework will be set.

- One Maths piece of homework will be set.

- 10 Spellings - leading to a weekly spelling test where scores will be recorded and credits rewarded.

- Pupils should spend a maximum of 30 minutes on each piece of their homework.

 If pupils are finding their homework difficult, we are here to help. Pupils should let us know so that we can support them during the school day.

The start of an unusual year 

Since the start of the holiday, we have been working hard, setting up your classrooms ready for the start of the new year. We are hoping you will love the look of the 'new normal.'

When you come into school you will use this gate (see image below). It is next to the staff car park. You will then line up on the stars so you are socially distanced and ready to make your way to class. I know this all sounds a little strange but don’t worry, we will be there to look after you.

On our way around to class we are likely to go past the field as we will enter our classroom without using any of the main corridors. You will notice that the field looks a little different. This will all become clear.
We hope that once in class, you will realise that it is just like a normal school day.
We can not wait to see you all! 
The year 6 team. 


Online Learning 2019/20

Sports day 
Today we are doing a Taskmaster style activity at school for the day.
We hope you enjoy them
Today we are looking at creating some graffiti art.
For our final day in year 6 we are looking at trick photography.



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