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Congratulations to Leeds House, the 2021 Sports Day Champions!                    

Welcome to Year Four!
Gecko Class
Mr Nicholls (teacher)
Mrs Risby (teaching assistant) 
Crocodile Class
Mr Venning (teacher)
Mrs Walker (teaching assistant) 
Chameleon Class
Miss Moore (Head of Year)
Mrs Boreham (teaching assistant 1:1)
Mr Pearce (teaching assistant) 


Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Park
SENCO: Mrs Cairns and Mrs Collins
Office Manager: Mrs Russell
Sports Day
Home Learning w/c - Monday 1st March 2021 
Weekly schedule download
Useful documents to support using Teams:
Sending Work Guide - iPhone or iPadIf you cannot find a document that you need, email your child's class teacher using the email addresses below. 
Videos and resources for English (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - Monday and Tuesday or Reading -  Wednesday and Thursday) and Maths can be accessed and downloaded through Teams. 
Weekly handwriting, spelling practise and times table practise will be uploaded to the school website. 
Daily topic will also be continued to be uploaded to the school website (below) for your child to complete. 
Do not hesitate to email your child's class teacher using their class email address if you have any questions. 
Miss Moore (Chameleon Class) -
Mr Nicholls (Gecko Class) -
Mr Venning (Crocodile Class) - 
Work set can be completed on paper and a photograph sent to your child's class teacher. 
Daily Live Sessions 
Each class teacher will be hosting a live assembly each day. The timings for the sessions are as follows:
Assembly 1: 11:00am - 11:20am
Assembly 2: 11:30am - 11:50am
Assembly 3: 12:00pm - 12:20pm 
Week 2 - Live Assembly Agenda 
Following on from Mr Moir's letter, please see the agenda for the live sessions this week below. 
There will be one day, per class, where there will not be any live sessions due to teachers being in school. 
If you have any questions, please email your class teacher on their email address above or if your child's class teacher is in school.
Week 2 - Handwriting and Spellings
Use the PDF slides to go through the this week's spelling rule. This week, the tracker will focus on plurals. 
The spelling menu offers a variety of ways to assist your child with practising spelling rules. 
The handwriting sheets also offer a different way of practising the spellings. 
We recommend daily 20-minute sessions for this task. 
On Friday, there will be a  pre-recorded spelling test video for your child to watch and participate with. The spellings will be a selection of those found in the spelling tracker. The video will be uploaded to Teams.
Click below for the spelling scripts that accompany Mrs. Knight's Friday spellings:
Weekly Times Tables 
Week 2 - Choose a times table that you would like to practise. The document below offers a variety of ways to assist your child with the learning of their times tables. 
Where possible, we recommend taking 20-minutes per day to read. This can be a favourite book from home, an extract on a website, a magazine or even road signs on a daily walk. Your child's class teacher would love to hear about the things that your child has been reading! If you would like support or advice on reading materials, please email your child's class teacher. 
Wednesday - Topic - History
Tuesday - PE with Joe- PE and a quiz with Joe Wicks
Monday - PSHE - Understanding emotions
Last week - 22.02.2021 - 26.02.2021
Friday - History - report
Thursday - History - Bayeux Tapestry
Wednesday - History - The Battle of Hastings
Tuesday - PE with Joe Wicks (from weds 17th)
Monday 22/02 - PSHE
We have here for you a selection of activities you can do at home that take you away from the screens you've all been looking at for the last 6 weeks. We recommend doing one from each row, but it's totally up to you ??



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