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Virtual tours of Parkwood Primary School for new admissions in September 2021, will be arranged for the mornings of Tuesday November 10th and Tuesday November 17th. With any virtual information then left for parents to access at a time of their convenience                          
Welcome to Year Two!
We have created a very special poem, as a special thank you and our gift to you all, our fabulous Year Twos! 
We aim to create a written copy for you to keep which will be waiting for you in your new classroom in September! 
Stay safe, enjoy the holidays and see you in September! 

Final Message to Year 2

Woodpecker Class - Mrs Randall

Robin Class - Mrs Burford and Mrs Stubbs

 Puffin Class - Mrs Miller and Mrs Orridge
Robin Class
Mrs Burford and Mrs Stubbs
Puffin Class 
Mrs Orridge and Mrs Miller
Woodpecker Class
Mrs Randall
 Teaching Assistants: Mrs Tilley, Mrs Dowdall, Mrs Wentworth, Mrs Millward, Mrs Stapley
 Office Manager: Mrs Russell
SENCo: Mrs Cairns/Mrs Collins
Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Cairns/Mrs Park 
 Some messages from your teachers.
We love hearing from you, thank you for sharing your WOW moments. 
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Friday 17th July 2020
For our final day of learning, we would like you choose from the following activities:
1) Create an exciting maths game that you could play over the holidays.
2) Write about this year, it has been the most unusual in many lifetimes.  We would usually reflect on our year in the last week of school so want you to write down your memories and send it onto us.
Please do continue to send in your fabulous entries.
Thursday 16th July 2020
Maths and Literacy are from Wednesday (due to Sports Day).
Today the children have a bit of fun creating little stories (can be verbally created and not written down) using the story dice below: 
Maths - BBC BITESIZE and White Rose Hub 
Dance - BBC BITESIZE - you will need a large floor space (indoors or outdoors)
Today the children explore making large shapes with their body.  They are introduced to the idea of symmetrical (same) and asymmetrical (different).
Dance Body Shapes
Wednesday 15th July 2020 - Monday's Resources have now been uploaded if you need to complete these instead
As we had our Virtual Sports Day yesterday, the links today are from Tuesday's Bitesize (as they are in a sequence). 
Today they look at characters in stories.
Maths - BBC BITESIZE and White Rose Hub
What can you do in 1 minute?  1 second? 1 hour?  Here is a matching game to see what you can do in different durations of time:
White Rose Hub - Hours and Days 
Science - BBC BITESIZE - Wednesday
Today they look at the forces used to complete different activities.  The children could think back to pushes and pulls they did in their sports activities yesterday.  The Bitesize website has a small activity t od, we have put a short worksheet on here if the children want to do a little more:
Tuesday 14th July 2020 - Virtual Sports Day 
Virtual Sports Day 2020
Monday 13th July 2020
Telling the time to 5 minutes.  Answers follow the worksheets.  This is in case the children had not completed Monday's maths. 
White Rose Hub
Telling the time to 5 minutes.
WRH Time to 5 Minutes Activities
Friday 10th July 2020
Choose the activities you would like to do today (2 or 3):
We have devised a list of websites that could be useful to support your children in the coming weeks. 
All of these websites have currently got free resources to use at home that are suitable for Year 2.

Twinkl - 'Easy-to-find' activities, worksheets and teaching tools across all subjects, year groups and abilities.        

Primary Resources - Plentiful, varied activities across all school subjects.

White Rose maths - Lesson-style, challenging teaching videos and worksheets.  

2simple - offering a free trial during this home learning period.       

Minecraft: Education Edition - For fun, free resources to compliment their Minecraft World. 

Scholastic - Primarily a store to buy books, but home learning resources currently free.   

Oxford Reading Owl - Free resources to support home learning, including e-books.

Topmarks - Free online games   - Some resources are free without a subscription.  Sign-up required.        

Phonicplay - Fun, free online education games used in school       

Woodlands primary schools
At school                   
Primary Games 
The children can also have a go at some of these activities if they wish...

Year 2 is an important year for the children; they are in their final year of Key Stage 1 and are becoming confident, independent learners. 


This is an exciting time for your child's reading development. Their fluency will improve and they will develop strategies that will help them show greater understanding of what they are reading

New responsibilities are given to Year 2 children and one of the opportunities they are given is becoming a Playground Buddy. A Buddy's job is to act as a supportive role model to the younger children in the school during lunch and break times. 

The children start to be rewarded using the school credit dot system where they are rewarded for good behaviour, effort and attainment. They are then able to 'spend' their credits on various treats throughout the term.
The Year 2 Curriculum Overview can be found here:
Useful Documents already sent via ParentMail:



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