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Welcome to Year Two Home Learning - Term 4
Pirates Ahoy! 
Home Learning Week Commencing Monday 1st March 2021 - Week 2
Important notices for the week:
- An outline of a typical day, which is just a guideline to help with the suggested timings of each lesson provided.
- All lessons will be moved at the end of each day to the relevant 'previous learning' section so the current day's learning is at the top of this page. 
- The current day's lessons and updated information will be highlighted in yellow.
- PE is allocated to Friday afternoon most weeks, but we continue to support PE being done on any day.  See 'PE Curriculum Learning' section below for full details. 
- The outline for the class live sessions is below.  This is always subject to change to meet the needs of each class.  Teachers will update parents to changes to this through previous live class sessions or in the class posts in Teams. 
Proposed Outline for a Typical Day and Class Live Sessions - Week 2
Class Teachers will let their classes know what the focus is for each live session, but this a rough outline of possible sessions:
Today's English and Maths Tasks: Friday 5th March 2021 
Weekly Times Tables Challenge - Friday is Challenge Day!
On Fridays we do not have a teaching video for maths (or English). On Fridays, there is the Weekly Times Table Challenge that the children have been practising since Monday!
The 3 parts of the challenge (the same every week):
1. Final Practise Sheet.
2.Main Challenge.
3. Post-Challenge Activity.
It is up to each parent to decide if they will time their children during the main challenge. In the bubble, the children will not be timed. The focus is on accuracy at this point. If your child wants to be challenged and would like to be timed, that is fine. 
Weekly Spelling Challenge - Friday is Challenge Day!
Today's Topic Learning: Friday Week 2 05.03.21
Topic tasks are only available on the website, not on Teams.  
Topic - Art - Drawing to Music - 05.03.21 (or do the PE suggestions below)
Listen to this piece of music and either draw or paint how the song makes you feel.  Full guidance is in the PDF, along with one link to the song on You Tube.  The song in question is Albatross by Fleetwood Mac.
PE Curriculum Learning - can be done throughout the week, but Friday is usually the allocated time for PE.
New Yoga link for the children to try:
Other PE links:
All forms of physical activity are included as part of your PE.  These include:
- bike riding
- daily walk/mile
- dance/gymnastics practise at home
- console games that require to get up and move about a lot (e.g. hula hoop game on Nintendo switch, Just Dance, Sports action games etc)  
The Change4 Life links are available everyday for your family to choose the best time, this may be at a time when they can complete the indoor activities together!
Creative Project - Topic - DT - Pirate Ship and Pirates Introduction 
Creative Project - 3 weeks to make - This will remain on the website until Sunday 14th March 2021
Your task is to read the information on the creative project so you can start collecting materials that you need to make your own pirate ship.  You have 3 weeks to complete your ship so don’t make it yet!  Remember that this might be a time when everyone is back at school, so collecting the materials would be the best place to start.
World Book Day!
Thursday 4th March 2021 
All across the world, people are celebrating books, authors and illustrators alike.
We have put together some exciting activities to celebrate this important day.
Not all activities focus on English skills, but cover many subjects from across the curriculum.
Feel free to choose from the different activities and do them in any order! 
1) Book Review
Choose your favourite book of all time and tell us everything you can about it and why it is your favourite!  Feel free to design your own book review if you like!
2) Book Token Hunt
A fun 'escape room' style activity to involve the whole family!
Can you crack the code to the padlock?  Answer questions on English and maths to find the code!
We have made a PDF of the PowerPoint as an alternative for those who do not have Microsoft Office software. 
3) World Book Day Quiz
A book quiz for the whole family!
We have made a PDF of the PowerPoint as an alternative for those who do not have Microsoft Office software.  
4) Scavenger Hunt
Search your book collection (or even a child's kindle app with adult permission) to check off all the items on the list!
5) Book marks
Whether you want a traditional rectangular book mark or a funky origami-style corner page-marker, then try out your artistic skills with these ideas: 
Previous Topic Learning 
Topic - Science - Boat Experiment - 03.03.21
Today the children investigate which materials could make the best boat (home made of course, not a real sailing vessel)!   
The first PDF has all the instructions and the second PDF has the observation sheet.  Good luck finding out what sinks or floats!
Topic - Art - Pirate Flags - 02.03.21
Today the children read about pirate flags and then design their own pirated flag.
Topic - History - Pirate Ships - 01.03.21
Today the children learn about the different parts of a pirate ship.
Maths PDFs
In today's maths lesson, we challenge the children to conduct their own research (using statistics).  To do this, they will need to begin by deciding what question they would like to ask and work through the three steps as referred to throughout the unit.  The first PDF has clear instructions and many ideas to help the children think of their question.  Attached are templates for a tally chart, pictogram and block graph. They should use these to work through the 3 steps.  On Teams, is a video to help them through the process.
English PDFs 
In today's lesson, after watching the video, the should answer questions about the text on pirates.  The sheets have a range of stars from 1 star being the easiest set of questions to 3 stars which are the most difficult. Please feel free to select the questions you would like your child to answer.   As a guide, we would normally suggest blue group do 1 star, green group do 2 stars and red group do 3 stars.  Answers are provided after the questions for that star rating.
We have devised a list of websites that could be useful to support your children in the coming weeks. 
All of these websites have currently got free resources to use at home that are suitable for Year 2.

Twinkl - 'Easy-to-find' activities, worksheets and teaching tools across all subjects, year groups and abilities.        

Scholastic - Primarily a store to buy books, but home learning resources currently free.   

Oxford Reading Owl - Free resources to support home learning, including e-books.

Topmarks - Free online games  


Year 2 is an important year for the children; they are in their final year of Key Stage 1 and are becoming confident, independent learners. 

This is an exciting time for your child's reading development. Their fluency will improve and they will develop strategies that will help them show greater understanding of what they are reading

New responsibilities are given to Year 2 children and one of the opportunities they are given is becoming a Playground Buddy. A Buddy's job is to act as a supportive role model to the younger children in the school during lunch and break times.                                                                                    

The children start to be rewarded using the school credit dot system where they are rewarded for good behaviour, effort and attainment. They are then able to 'spend' their credits on various treats throughout the term.
The Year 2 Curriculum Overview can be found here:
Useful Documents already sent via ParentMail:



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