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Congratulations to Leeds House, the 2021 Sports Day Champions!                    
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Each day, the website 'Authorfy' are posting a 10 Minute Challenge set by bestselling authors and illustrators. We would love to see as many of you as possible getting involved. Children, you could even get your family members to take part! 
Click on the image below for the different 10 Minute Challenges you can take part in.
Don't forget to send your writing to with the subject '10 Minute Challenge'. Your creations will be posted here. 
Ready... steady... create! 
Robots using household items inspired by Sue H and Paul L
By Marnie - Chameleon Class (Year 4)
Scribble friends inspired by Inky Willis - Monday 20th April
By Molly - Stingray Class (Year 3)
 By Madeleine - Eagle Class (Year 6)
By Marnie - Chameleon Class (Year 4)
Imaginary world inspired by Guy Bass - Thursday 2nd April 
By Molly - Stringray Class (Year 3)
Book wandering inspired by Anna James - Wednesday 1st April 
By Georgia - Chameleon Class (Year 4) 
I was at my house reading my favourite book but then in the corner of my eye I saw something very strange. It was a portal! So I stopped reading my book and went in the  portal. I saw colourful spots surrounding me  but then it turned pitch black. The portal then disappeared and I ended up in a school. I knew it wasn’t my school but it still looked familler. I looked down at my clothing and I was wearing my school clothes. But then I saw someone that I thought I would never meet. It was Brendan the bully he was the one in my book then I saw a group of people that looked  familiar. I saw Ahmet, the narrator Michal, Tom and even Josie. They waved at me, I waved back in confusion. They came over to me and said “Hi, Georgia,” I was staring in to space thinking how do they know my name? Where am I and most importantly is this real? Ahmet clapped his hands in front of my face. He said, “Come on. We don’t want to be late to class,” then he said, “Sorry I forgot you don’t  know where class is, do you?” I said,  “No.” He replied,  “Ok, I will lead you in to class.” I said, “Thank you.” So he led me into class. I sat down and did my work. It soon  became lunch time and I was really hungry but I didn’t have any lunch so everyone gave me a bit of their lunch. At the end of it, I was very full but then I saw the portal. It was round and big. I said, “Good bye,” to all my new friends and jumped in the portal and saw the same things and went out the portal and ended up in my bedroom. I went back to my book and saw a person that looked like me a lot. I was in a famous book. Would you ever go in your favourite book?

Magical creatures inspired by Dominique Valente - Tuesday 31st March
By Henry - Eagle Class (Year 6)

Writing from the point of view of an animal inspired by Swapna Haddow - Monday 30th March
By Heidi - Stingray Class (Year 3)



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